Monday, January 28, 2008


I know you all probably do the same thing. Watching a new movie you go through the previews and rate them under the categories: Theatre worthy, Rentals, Nothing else Rentals, or You couldn't pay me to watch. Well, if you don't, we do. We really love movies and we even DVR Ebert and Roeper (though we don't always agree with them) just to see what's coming up.

Anyway, to get to my point, when I saw the previews about a rat that loves to cook and controls a guy by pulling on his hair, I thought, "Ennnhhh, maybe we'll rent it, Colton might like it."
But you know what, WE LOVE IT! This really has been the cutest kids movie since Shrek 1&2 (not 3)! If you haven't seen this movie (even if you don't have kids), I would highly suggest it.

It has encouraged us to have fun with food and cooking, and if there is anything out there that can get my skinny kid to experiment with new foods, i'm for it!

We've also started DVRing the Iron Chef America :)

PS. It's also fun to say Rat-a-too-ee!!!


amber joy said...

We love ratatouille! Judah loves to 'ruin' the soup now!

Rachel Melone said...

I am so glad we can be friends and still disagree...... I confess- we HATED this movie. Actually loathed it. Caed couldn't understand that a rat would just cook the whole movie and not beat something up etc.... We had to get up and walk out because he was so uninterested. I might give it another shot on my own though since you really liked it. I might have missed something when we left early!!! haha!!!! Have a good trip!

Macks and Knickknacks said...

I had so much fun watching this movie! John was doing a really long homework assignment one night, so instead of sitting around trying to find something to do by myself, I plugged this in, and giggled for the whole two hours. Cortney, you and your family are such a joy to me! You and I commenting back and forth just brightens my day.