Monday, February 01, 2010

Day 27- 1st Day of School with a field trip!

Today was our official- unofficial first day of school at Atchley Academy. Mostly just an Math assessment to see where we need to start off, a "study" in what happens to things when they freeze (actually over the last couple days), and a field trip to the best place to check out frozen stuff. Yup. Nothing says first day of homeschooling like a trip to the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory. Hope he doesn't think that every day of school will be like this!

Frozen juice!

Learning is yummy!

Colton with the vintage ice cream scoops
Jesse and Christopher on the tour

(We actually do learn a lot on the factory tour about production and entrepreneurship- you just can't take any pictures about that part of it!)

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Carrie said...

If I were Colton I'd never want to go back to public school again... much more fun with "Mom as the teacher". Glad you're enjoying Vermont - what an experience of a lifetime :)