Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 46-Activity on Church St

Quiet cheery conversation. The competitive barks of two dogs determining who is greater. Hollow clangs of the church bell notifying everyone that it is 11:00. A passionate petitioner trying to convince others to support his cause. Lively discussions occurring in little groups as they walk along window browsing. Store owners preparing their window dressing for the Mardi Gras celebrations this week.

Colton had his Saturday drama club today and Jesse wanted to relax at the hotel with Christopher, so Carson (by nursing default) and I took a leisurely walked down Church Street to pass the time. It's sometimes fun to just observe people and absorb all of the sights and sounds that are happening all at once.

This week we went to our typical weekly activities and also checked out Open Gym at the local Gymnastics center. Christopher has been obsessed with "fuzzles" since he was 6 months old. These foam blocks were beyond his ability to resist. Here he is picking the little bits of fuzz stuck to the cubes.

Colton had a great time in the blocks too!
Today Colton's play was called "Hide and Seek". A boy played hide and seek with his friend, looking through many strange rooms in his huge mansion. Rooms such as "the Black Hat Room" where strange figures danced with black top hats and bowler hats on, a room with "zipping midgets", a tea party with ghosts, a circus room (colton was a dog?!) and finally a "frozen room" where they were all frozen statues. It was pretty cute/funny.

Christopher wishing he could join his brother on stage.

Carson enjoyed the show.

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