Saturday, February 06, 2010

Day 32-(or more like week)

This week has been pretty crazy trying to figure out our schedules for homeschooling, naps and time for "energy release". Jesse and I had a powwow this morning to figure out to make the days run smoother, get a more concrete routine and still have time to do the normal stuff. Like laundry and meals. Besides Christopher has been taking between 2-3 hours per night to finally fall asleep. This is the most frustrating of all. And yes, we have consistently tried everything.

Anyway since I couldn't do "daily" posts, I'll just recap the events of the week starting with today. We went down to Burlington Winter Festival, conveniently right downtown on Church Street and saw all of the cool ice sculptures. Colton wasn't with us on the last one, so he thought it was pretty neat. Unfortunately there was a bitterly cold wind that I wasn't prepared for, so we had to stop twice to warm ourselves up. First time was in the chocolate shop where they also served piping hot cocoa and the second was in the bagel shop with warm bowls of soups!

Click on pic to see larger

Yes. It was REALLY cold.
At the candy shop (taken by Colton)
Bionicle Battles

Wed. Colton's first night at AWANAs. He picked out the design of his car
(more to come. It's a secret) and had a great time.
And this little guy has been scooting all over the place and getting up on all fours!
Except that every time I grab the camera, he stops!


Mandi! said...

New environments are so hard on kiddos, aren't they? Poor lil guy! I admire you for doing this, though! It is good for you to be together & we'll be praying you find your much-needed groove soon =]

Rachel Melone said...

Hey Cort,
I will be your friend who offers no advise on the sleep thing because remember, my kids don't sleep at all! haha
Riley just lost the binky and takes between 1 to 2 hours every night to go to bed as well. It's beyond frustrating and I feel your pain sista! Thinking of you and what a wonderful, fun and energetic mom you are! Can't wait to see you again (this time we will actually get together more often... this summer I am going to need it! ) Love ya!