Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 53- Saturday Play and Mardi Gras Parade

Colton in his play "Toys Are Us". It was only him and another little girl that came (school was out this week). The story in a nutshell was that she was a stuffed bunny and he was a stuffed teddy and they wanted new outfits so they ran away to the Build a Bear. The toys changed outfits a few times, danced around (a lot), then some new kids tried to buy them, but they didn't have any tags to be bought, so they got put back on the shelf. They danced around more and then went back home to their children. He had a lot of fun!
I was a little nervous about taking the kids downtown Burlington, but our new friends/neighbors helped me. I am so thankful because it was crazy (and pg, thankfully), and a ton of people!

A few of our Mardi Gras decorations
Two cute revelers.
Mom wouldn't let him have any beads.
It looked this way for 5 blocks!

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