Monday, March 01, 2010

Day 54- Burke Mtn Sled Dog Dash

Sunday we went to the Burke Mtn Sled Dog Dash. We have never been to any dog sled races, even though there are some in Montana. Earlier this year we read with Colton "White Fang" and "Call of the Wild", so this was a pretty cool experience. We got a late start, so we missed out on the kids getting to ride in one of the sleds, but they still had fun watching the races and having a snowball fight with some other kids.

P.S. Need your feedback: When I have a quite a few pictures in a post, do you prefer that I use this method (a slideshow) or do you like it when I put them right on the page and you can click on them to view it larger?


Carrie said...

Post the photos however it's easiest and less time consuming for you. I just like being able to see them :)

Anonymous said...

psstt, its easier to see em So you can scroll through instead of watching each slide go by.

Anonymous said...

Slide Show.