Saturday, March 27, 2010

Days 77-82

So I'm not sure why it won't let me add pics from my phone, so you will just have to use your imaginations!

Day 77-Tuesday:(Boston) We went to Plymouth,MA to check out Plymouth Rock and a Pilgrim and Native Plantation, which was like going to a museum come to life! My little history-lovin heart was just jumping with joy. The entire Plymouth village was completely authentic. Each actor represented an actual person from the original village!it was so much fun and really solidified history for me (and hopefully Colton). From ther we went on a replica of the Mayflower (equally as cool) and took pictures in front of the official Plymouth Rock. Which is surprisingly smaller than I expected(about the size of sofa). We finished the day having dinner at a seaside restaurant happily munching all sorts of treats from the sea! (Of course lobster!) This day has, by far, been one of my favorites!

Day 78-Wednesday: On our way out of Boston, we realized we were only about 20 minutes out of our way from Salem and thought "while we're here". I am so glad that we went! We saw AMAZING architecture (which also set my heart a-flutter). We went through a very tasteful Wax Museum that was a great representation of the not-so-great history of the Salem Witch Hysteria. It sparked some great conversations with Colton. I want him to learn that some times "real" history isn't always great and to learn from others' experiences.

Day 79-Thursday: Jesse and Colton went to see the play "Shipwrecked!". In typical "man" fashion, all I could really get from them was "It was good."

Day 80-Friday: Drove to Stowe,VT (20 minutes) to the Laughing Moon chocolate shop to make truffles and chocolate bunnies! It was a fun experience and I am making them save them for their Easter baskets! I know, mean mom, right?!

Day 81-Saturday: Laundry. Hey, it can't all be fun and games! Though we went to "How to Train Your Dragon". Definitely one for the Home DVD library! Loved it!

Day 82:Sunday: Plan on going to Shelburne Farms to see Maple Tree sugar tapping and taste some maple syrup! Finish packing everything up and load up the car!

Day 83: Planning on hitting the road! Our Vermont adventure will be over!

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Mandi! said...

I love the east coast's history & architecture! What an amazing adventure you and your family just had- jealous! =] Have a safe trip home!