Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 64 (Wed)- Awana Grand Prix

Yesterday, Colton participated in the Grand Prix at the Awana club he has been attending. We have been working on his car for a couple weeks. (read: it has been sitting on top of the microwave in partially constructed condition for weeks) Which has been an interesting endeavor since we received his bag with a block of wood, four wheels, and four pins for the wheels. Back home we would've cut it out, sanded it down, painted, etc., but with not even a hammer, we were at a loss as how we were going to turn a little block of wood into something we could race down the track. Thankfully they had (wonderful) people bring in the necessary tools to at least cut it out for any kid that didn't have the resources. Colton decided on a design and I got to figure out how to make it happen. He chose the Batmobile for his design, so I found some usable Batman stickers, glossy black spray paint, I little poster putty (to reinforce the stickers) and a trip to the lobby to borrow a hammer for the wheels, we put together his car. Besides painting it (hmmm, Colton with a can of glossy black spray paint... yup, I painted it), and reinforcing the stickers with poster putty, it was all him.

From this:

To this: The Batmobile!

After a little disappointment from not winning a trophy for racing, he jumped out of his seat when his name was called for 3rd place for his design!

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Rachel Melone said...

Great Job Colton!!! When do you guys come back???