Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 70-Top O' da Mornin to Ya!

Happy St. Patty's day! How long do ya thinks me can git away with talkin like this. Not be sure if'n I sound Irish or like a pirate! :)

Today we are going to go to the local Irish Pub RiRa's to listen traditional Irish music and have some tasty food. Here's a sampling of things we plan on trying that I found in the "Irish" section at the grocery store. I was surprised that they had an "Irish section"! It was small, but had some interesting choices. Today we're going to have Irish soda bread, Spotted Dick sponge pudding, and an Aero mint chocolate bar.

Have a fun day!


Katie Glathar said...

curious what you think of these things, Cortney? Those are typical around here. Funny though. There is really nothing going on here for St Patty's Day!

Rachel Melone said...

Where's the Guiness??? :)