Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 70 continued- St. Patrick's Day

Hope you all had a great day! It was absolutely gorgeous outside today! We went down to church street and ate at RiRa's Irish Pub and Restaurant. Jesse had Corned beef and Cabbage and I had Lamb Stew. Sorry lambies, you were delicious! They had a traditional Irish band and Christopher and our little friend Abbey had a great time dancing and entertaining everyone!

Afterward we took a nice walk along Church St (outdoor walking mall) and enjoyed the weather!

FYI. Though you may think Christopher's BK crown is very festive for St Patty's day, it's actually his 5th day in a row of wearing it.

Jumping on the rocks along Church St.
There were some girls (8-12yo) doing an Irish dance
and Christopher couldn't help but join in!
Making the Irish soda bread (see previous post)

We pulled this out of the oven, topped with a little butter and I actually liked this a lot.
I had never made it before and was pleasantly surprised.The Sponge Pudding (aka Spotted Dick) didn't really impress me.
Though it wasn't too bad, it tasted like gingerbread with old raisins and
had the consistency of undercooked brownies. It was fun to try new foods!

PS. (for Rachel) Jesse had a pint of Guinness with his lunch, just to be festive, you know! :)

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Rachel Melone said...

Way to go Jesse! Adults have to celebrate also! :) Funny enough, my brother called right after I posted that comment to say he had to have his appendix removed and the thing he was sad about was that he could not have a Guinness for St. Patty's! haha Can't wait to see you soon!