Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 42- Ten on a Tuesday

Oh, with all that is going on, I don't know where to begin. So I'll do a list... Ah ha, ten on Tuesday!

1. Happy late Valentines Day! We went to church, had lunch at Olive Garden, and relaxed the rest of the day! I will be enjoying my Massage today!!!

2. We like ice cream. With the B&J factory so close we get the freshest icecream! (Not sure if it works that way with frozen stuff, but it seems creamier... yummier!)

3. Jesse and I are trying (as hard as we can-see #2) to join some of my family and friends in the the Biggest Loser competition!

4. Guess which boy is learning how to use the potty? Though has issues with change and does not prefer to switch from the white diapers to blue Pullups or, heaven forbid, underwear. It has brought him to tears. Though here he his post-pottying, enjoying his candy reward!

5. On Saturday, Colton made his acting debut on the stage. In three hours the kids created a 10-15 minute play and then performed it for us. (I tried to get it on YouTube to add to this blog, but the slow internet kept giving me problems, so you only get a single picture.)
May I introduce Colton as the Council Warrior in the play "The Vanishing World". We'll see what they come up with next week!

6. Some one is in a big boy car seat (not yet turned forward). My back is happy that I will not be toting around the baby carrier anymore.

7. He REALLY likes ice cream. Mmmmm, ice cream bliss...

8. Having fun with my camera in the car. Christopher is the photographer, Colton, the very willing subject. (Suits their personalities more than you can imagine)

9. Learning to crawl is hard work, but I am determined to find and eat stray Lego or
Bionicle pieces.

10. One of our favorite relaxation activities. Get into our jammies, snuggle into our bed (I really miss my king size bed), and watch a movie. Our new favorite series is Planet Earth by BBC.


Dani said...

Yeah for all the fun! I strongly encourage the Biggest Loser with family and friends. It makes it so much easier to stick with what you need to do. I've lost over 6 lbs so far and am still going!

Rachel Melone said...

Oh Lord. We started The Biggest Loser with KRis' family Dec. 1st and it will end in two weeks.... I've lost 2 pounds.... haha You can do it though! I have no will power at this point in my life :)

So glad you are having fun and living up all the adventures on the east coast!!! I'm also very glad you will be back in time for summer so maybe we can get the boys together and not go insane!