Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 37- Ice rescues

Latest update: Just plugging along with Colton's school and day to day life. We hope to go to New York in a week and a half. We only have a couple days (since Jesse can't take days off) so we are trying to prioritize what we would like to visit the most and then plan another trip later- if we are able to stay longer!

Carson giggling

Rescuing our snack from the clutches of the Ice Bandit

Christopher eating a grape he rescued
Colton pointing at the strawberry he plans to rescue next.
Carson as SuperWhy
Oh No! The Ice Bandit stole all of the Bionicle
Masks and froze them in a block of ice!
Colton rescuing masks
Hurray! All of the masks have been freed!


Mandi! said...

hahahaha! you are so funny! and makes me wonder: have you had a ladies night out in a while?? j/k =] you are a fun mom- your kids are blessed to have ya =]

Cortney said...

What?!, I don't need a ladies night out, until I start freezing random things in blocks of ice... oh... uh, yes. I need a ladies night out. :)

Carrie said...

Thanks for the morning laugh ~ way too fun! Yes, definitely a fun Mom! Hope you guys have a fun Valentine's weekend!