Friday, July 14, 2006

Q is for Quirky

So Q has been my hardest letter of the week. Really, try finding 4 days (monday we got Colton) worth of Q words that can be made into a worksheet, sign language, craft and books. Of course we did Queen, Quilt and today was Quesdillas (yum!), but yesterday I decided to do Quirky! We had a blast. I found these foam sunglasses at Michaels, put a bunch of stuff on the table and let them go wild! I know that in a few days they will probably be mush at the bottom of a toy box, broken under a carseat, or tossed in the trash, but we had fun. I hope if I teach them anything, is that learning is not boring! I have a thirst for knowledge and it is exciting! I want to be one of those ladies going to college when they are 70 because I just love learning new stuff-really, I am the queen of useless knowledge! Plus it is fun to make a really big mess and get lost in whirl of creativity once in a while!!! (And yes, we are wearing our pajamas! It's all part of the fun!)

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amber joy said...

I love quirky, and you sound like the funnest mommy!