Thursday, July 13, 2006

Sassy Shoe Thursday: I blame Angela for these ones!

Well Angela, I was so inspired by your blog about your coveted Target shoes, when I was there, I had to check out the shoe section, and of course found these. I only tease, really you have inspired me to be a little more "girly" and try different, more feminine styles (Jesse can't complain either!) Anyway, I really like these, they are semi-comfortable (except when they gave me blisters the first time I wore them in Salt Lake), are pretty casual, and were pretty cheap. Colton also wanted to get in on the fun. I never have a problem getting a picture out of him!!! These are his hand-me-down cowboy boots and when he wears them his name is either Cowboy or Cowboy Colton, you will be scolded or ignored if you refer to him as anything else! Yeehaw


The Melones said...

Those are way cute! I was at Target the other day and saw a lot of cute shoes at 50% off. The sad thing is, that was still too expensive for me to buy them! I'm such a cheapskate!!!! Maybe next paycheck I will take some of it and splurge- haha. I love them though, and can imagine you would look stunning in them too~ Oh, and tell Colton he looks very cowboyish in his boots. All he needs now is a hat!

Susie said...

Your new shoes are way cute, C! Can't kcik the cowboys either. Nice!

amber joy said...

Those are awesome! Every year I get blisters the first time I wear a pair of shoes. Then, after it heals, they are my 'live-ins'. I need to use Judah for SST. It will only last two weeks, since that's all the shoes that fit him, but, it would be cute!