Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sassy shoe Thursday-my new torture devices!

So I did not go to the shoe store with the intent to find the craziest running shoes that I could find, but once I tried these on they were the best "feeling" pair (and at a pretty good price). Me and running have a love/hate relationship. I love the results of running, I love the euphoric feeling I have after running, but really why does any sane person crawl out of bed at the wee hours of the morning and think, "Gee, I really want to sweat like a hog and punish myself for the bowl of ice-cream I ate right before bed!" Well apparently Jesse and I are trying to join that elite club of people that I see jogging by my house every morning as I shut the window in my gluttonous shame! So back to the shoes, I hadn't planned on getting these, and actually thought they were really ugly-but they are starting to grow on me. Secretly I'm starting to think they are cute and even if I am wearing boring old gray sweats, they add that *ZOW*, #BAM#, >WHIZZ < (imagine an old Batman fight scene!) Here's me this morning at a yucky time of the day, a time that I should be snuggled under the blankets, dreaming of yummy, fatty, rich foods (can you tell that we are dieting also?)! I dared not ask Jesse if he would let me take a pic of him, I was lucky enough to get him to take them of me and my shoes!!! I also have an extra dose of energy due to the fact that we are on our way TONIGHT to go get Colton (we won't meet up with them until Saturday, but we're making it a mini vacation!!! YAAAAAAHHHHHHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!


amber joy said...

I understand the feeling about food and running. the shoes are loud and cool. I'm so happy you get to go and bring Colton home.

The Melones said...

Yea! I was going to call you today to see how your week has been. It feels like I haven't seen you in a couple of weeks ( and I guess it has when you count in our trip to wyoming last week!) Let's get the boys together to play when Colton gets home! I'm so excited for you to be able to be with him again!!! Have a fun, safe trip-I'll call you next week to see what you are up to! Oh, I lov those sheos too:)