Monday, July 17, 2006

Softball Saturday

Well, I have no idea what the final score was except that we were so far behind that they called the game! It was so much fun and stirred in me the enjoyment I used to get out playing sports in high school! It has been almost ten years since I have played competitively and this was just a blast, it also showed me how truly out-of-shape I am since it is two days later and I am still sore! I also didn't realize that they really don't use dirt, it is more like small, ground up shale, so even I heard a gasp from the crowd as I slid into third (um, note to self: try to avoid sliding)! I was safe, but I think the ump just felt sorry for me! We have another game tonight, so come on down and cheer us on (or join in the fun, we need more people)!

Dani and I

It's a hit!

Reach...No wonder my quads are killing me!
(Um...this is the only run I scored, thanks Jesse for catching it!)

Our adoring fans!!!


amber joy said...

how fun! I wish I could come and watch. Me and Judah would be awesome Cheerleaders!

Jackie said...

WOW! You are an athlete!!!! GO CORTNEY GO!!!

Susie said...

Oh how I miss the days of sliding, fielding and the crack of a ball hitting the bat. Maybe when the girls are old enough I can live vicariously through them again! Yea for you for getting out there and playing, C!

Cortney said...

We did really well last night and won, I don't remember the score, but for me that isn't why I am playing! I was out in right field, thankfully, because I was so sore and tired from Saturday! But still made a run!!! Yeah! And Colton dumped out another little girls water and was throwing rocks(and lied about it), so he got no ice cream after the game! Tough Love! :)

The Melones said...

Yeah for Cortney! The beauty of you playing softball is you look like a natural athlete. If I were out there everyone would be like, "Why is that mom out there trying to be an athlete? " haha! At least I can admit I'm not athletic in the least, although I secretly envy people like you with the guts and ability to do things like that!