Tuesday, July 25, 2006


The Setting: Storytime at the library. Colton is sitting next to me due to the previous behavior of crawling all over another child and talking really loud.

Colton: I'm gonna tell Jesse and he will give you a spanking!
Me: No me and Jesse are a team and he does not give me spankings. You better stop right now or you will lose your cowboy boots. (yes, the coveted ones)
Colton: *tongue out at me with angry eyes*
Me: (without a word pull off cowboy boots and stuff into library bag)
Colton: Grrrrr! *Angry eyes and squeezes my arm*
Me: Alright that's it. Time to go.

*Me carrying Colton (I wouldn't dare put his boots on him to let him walk) crying, kicking and screaming all the way to the car*

In the car:
Colton(now seeing the error of his ways): But am I going to get a spanking?
Me: I don't know. Do you think you need a spanking?
Colton: Well, I like spankings.
Me: You do? Then how many do you want?
Colton: Lots of spankings.
Me: OK, I can give you lots of spankings. If that is what you like.
Colton: Yeah, I like lots of spankings.
Me: OK
(long pause)
Colton: Um, I mean I don't like them, I was just kidding.
Me: Oh no, if you really like them, I think I should give you a lot.
Colton(starting to tear up again): No, mom, I don't need any, I will make good choices.
Me: I'll have to think about it. When you behave like that, I get very frustrated and I don't like it. The other kids are trying to listen to the story and they can't hear if you are doing that.
Colton: But I will make good choices now, mom. I really don't need any spankings.

Ok, so I love it that I have a fun, creative, silly little boy, but sometimes this kid...ugg! Just to let you know I showed a little mercy and opted not to spank him, due to the facts that he is recovering from a cold and didn't get very good sleep last night. Lunch time and nap time soon followed after we got home! If any one has any good advice, I'm up for it! This only child business is ridiculous! This kid needs a little competition and sacrifice!!! (Kudos to anyone that decided to have only one child, I am not judging you in any way, I just believe that you learn a lot with a sibling!) Vacation...starting Thursday...clean clothes or not I am ready for it!!!!


Cortney said...

When I read this again, I feel like I make my kid out to be really bratty. He's usually not this bad and I don't want to paint a bad picture of him. 90% of the time he is a really good, fun, creative kid! Then other times he just gets in these moods!!! Ugh!

Susie said...

Um, I never once thought your kid was bratty. Just being a kid. I'm glad you followed through and left the library-- it's hard when you don't really want to.

Jackie said...

Oh Cortney!!!! I say...a little less talk and a lot more action. If I were you and it was Shae I would put a for sale sign on her and sell her to the Hutterites!!!! Shae tries that bologna with me too and I have found that their discipline should not be decided according to your mood or theirs....whatever the circumstance you have to be immediate and consistent. Otherwise they will continue to embarass you and keep the control of your daily situations under their belt. I remind myself daily who the mom is........and it sure isn't SHAE. Whether she likes it or not. OH, the many gray hairs I've grown in the past 5 years. I love ya kiddo. YOU CAN DO IT!

Katie Glathar said...

Keep up the good work! It will pay off in the end.

Laura Beth said...

This is one of the reasons I like blogs--when this happens to ME one day, I'll remember reading this story and feel COMPLETELY normal! Thank you for sharing the reality of motherhood!! If more women would do this, more women would survive this time of our lives!! :)

The Melones said...

Amen to the only child thing being ridiculous!!!! God PLEASE give Cortney and I a baby- we're feeling a bit left out!!! (ok, prayer and Rachel being a little brat is done now).
Love ya! Hang in there-At least you have Caed's behavior to look at also and feel normal. He got in trouble in Sunday School for throwing someone's bible. Needless to say he was afraid to come home with me after that. I'm glad he was afraid...haha!

Cortney said...

Hee Hee! This age is great and horrible all at once, isn't it?! I second the prayer for babies! Trying to "go forth and be fruitful"!!!

Anonymous said...

We have never had that experience with Colton. So no good advice here, just keep up the good work! You do great with him and we have faith in you! Good luck.

amber joy said...

I have to agree with Jackie, don't worry about being merciful. I know how much you love Colton because of all the ways you show it, but consistent punishment for bad 'stuff' is the biggest love they can get from you. And, I've never thought Colton bratty, in fact, far from it.

amber joy said...

of course, I can be a pretty tough mommy. Sometimes, maybe too tough?! But, there are so many times that Judah and I, or Judah and Daddy are just totally having fun, that he sees how much we love him, I think that it balances out.